Radar Analytics, Emergency Medicine Training Games, and More

Today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news round-up:

  • The Navy is looking for a real-time analytical tool to detect threats and enemy tactics from radar data. More here.
  • The Army posted a request for information for gloves that would enable soldiers to use mobile device touchscreens while being tough enough to withstand combat. More here.
  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking game developers to create mobile apps that teach players emergency medical response skills. More here.
  • Microsoft withdraws its support for  the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, citing the ” the privacy and security promises we make to our customers.”  More here.

CTOvision Pro Special Technology Assessments

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  • Analytical Tools - With a special focus on technologies that can make dramatic positive improvements for enterprise analysts.
  • Big Data - We cover the technologies that help organizations deal with massive quantities of data.
  • Cloud Computing - We curate information on the technologies enabling enterprise use of the cloud.
  • Communications - Advances in communications are revolutionizing how data gets moved.
  • GreenIT - A great and virtuous reason to modernize!
  • Infrastructure  - Modernizing Infrastructure can have dramatic benefits on functionality while reducing operating costs.
  • Mobile - This revolution is empowering the workforce in ways few of us ever dreamed of.
  • Security  -  There are real needs for enhancements to security systems.
  • Visualization  - Connecting computers with humans.
  • Hot Technologies - Firms we believe warrant special attention.