Coversant SoapBox: A Platform to Power the Industrial Internet

 Coversant SoapBox: A Platform to Power the Industrial InternetFriends at Coversant have just released a new white paper capturing use cases, architecture, and lessons learned of their next generation communications and collaboration platform, SoapBox Server. This system is the key to deploying scalable, fast, highly interoperable, secure communications services.

You can download the Coversant paper here: SoapBox: A Platform To Power The Industrial Internet

Below is an excerpt:

There is little dispute regarding the rapid growth of connected devices and the cloud. Cisco predicts that there will be 25 billion devices connected to the internet by 2015 and 50 billion by 2020, creating a $14.4 trillion business opportunity. The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to change how we live and conduct business, enabling us to gather, analyze, and distribute data on a massive scale.

The success of the IoT will be determined by how “smart” the connected things are and what types of data we’ll be able to gather. As we transition into an era where the number of sensor-embedded devices increases, so do the opportunities for optimizing global systems, revolutionizing how decisions are made, and changing the way businesses deliver value. The key to unlocking the potential of the IoT is being able to analyze the incoming tsunami of information in real time.

A critical innovation necessary for the Industrial Internet to thrive and grow is a communications platform that connects disparate things and enables them to seamlessly exchange data securely, bi-directionally, and in real time. The platform must also be highly scalable as the number of devices any given organization needs to connect will grow exponentially over time.

This platform will be the backbone of the Industrial Internet, enabling the convergence of intelligent equipment, facilities, systems, and data and giving workers the ability to make better and faster decisions. This supercharged level of productivity has the potential to impact the world’s economy significantly, reduce energy costs, and realize enormous operational savings.

However something is linked into the IoT, the efficiency of data connection is significant. The platform must be malleable enough to scale autonomously, adaptive enough to handle constantly changing connections, and resilient enough to stand up to the huge ebbs and flows in data that will occur.

Why HTTP Won’t Cut It

The internet’s current de facto communication protocol, HTTP, doesn’t have the technological capability to serve as the Industrial Internet’s backbone for three primary reasons:

  • HTTP is not well-suited to control and coordinate 50 billion devices
  • HTTP is not bi-directional
  • IPv4 is obsolete and IPv6, in the process of being implemented, will add to an already taxed infrastructure

HTTP is also inefficient in how it communicates. Devices connected to an HTTP server must be constantly communicated with, so the clients are continually sending data to the server asking whether there is any change in state or commands to be executed. This prevents the data from being accessed and analyzed in real time.

For more see: SoapBox: A Platform To Power The Industrial Internet

 Coversant SoapBox: A Platform to Power the Industrial Internet

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