eBay Demonstrates Resilience following Data Breach


The uproar surrounding last year’s data breach at Target Corporation did more than simply tarnish Target’s reputation. The breach hit the company’s bottom line – and hit it hard. In its 4th quarter (the period in which the breach was exposed), Target’s profits declined by hundreds of millions of dollars, compared with the same period […]

Marc Andreessen on the Future of Technology and Automation, Robotics, and AI can Impact Government Service

Marc Andreessen

This is the third installment in our series flowing from recent dialog with Marc Andreessen. Previous posts discussed future tech scenarios around the year 2030 and context on government services in the future. In this post we provide Marc’s thoughts around the future of technology including automation, robotics and AI and implications for government, business and citizens. Gourley: Marc can […]

LUX Enables Mining Of Data That Comes In Incredibly Relentless Volumes

Global Network

ICG specializes in streaming and real-time analytics. I know the founders and key players in ICG and can vouch for their proven past performance in real-time analytics.  They help organizations rapidly mine and correlate massive volumes of data as it arrives, from any source.  This enables quick, informed decisions which can launch immediate actions. ICG […]

Forward Thinking Tech Leaders at IO Seeking Big Data Engineer


Friends from IO have alerted me to a job search they have underway and I wanted to share this with you. If you are, or know of anyone who is, interested in this position (and if you can meet most of their qualifications) please connect with IO right away, they want to talk with you like […]

The CISO Technology Report: Twice A Week Review For Enterprise Security Professionals


Our site CISOtech.com is a repository of articles and information of interest to enterprise security professionals. Any reporting we do here at CTOvision that has relevance for the CISO is archived at that site, plus evaluations on cyber security technologies of interest. We also tailor this reporting in a twice weekly CISO Technology Report. This […]

Hexis Cyber Solutions and HawkEye-G: Built with deep understanding of the cyber threat to the enterprise


We have previously written about Hexis Cyber Solutions (see evaluation here). With this post we provide more context on the state of the cyber threat, which is a key driver of the need for the HawkEye-G solution from Hexis. Here is the nature of today’s cyber threat against enterprises: The Cyber Threat continues to grow in […]