Seeking Senior Federally Focused Technologists For Incredible Positions

We focus most of our writings here on the technology community in and around the Washington DC area. This is our base and you readers are our the community we most want to serve with information. We have been in the tech community for years and over time have established broad networks and are frequently […]

Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference Cancelled

This is not surprising news, but still I’m sad to report this. The 2013 Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference has been cancelled. This event had evolved from the famous (in my community anyway) DoDIIS Conference, an event that over my career grew from 50 people in a little room to 3000 global technology professionals all focused […]

Your Reference to Every Relevant Big Data Company is a research tool information on technologies, concepts and companies of interest to enterprise IT professionals. The CTOlabs Disruptive IT List is a curated list of firms we believe hold the greatest potential for positive disruption in the enterprise IT space. Our writers and analysts seek out information on these firms from multiple sources, […]

We Seek The Most Disruptive, Mission-Focused Enterprise IT, hosts a curated list of firms we believe provide the most virtuous, mission-focused, positively disruptive technologies available to enterprises today. We maintain this directory as a reference for technology professionals. We find firms to include on this list by casting a wide net. We talk with other technology professionals from around the globe, we […]

Innovation and Robotics: The Uncanny Valley of Death

The Jetsons premiered almost 50 years ago, but where’s Rosey? Science fiction has been predicting the rise of robotics in daily life for decades and, for the most part, science fact has delivered, with ever-improving artificial intelligence driven by faster processors, and continued advancements in mechanical engineering allow machines to perform increasingly complex physical functions. […]

Lessons From the Future of IT

This year at Splunk Live, CTOvision editor and Crucial Point CTO Bob Gourley provided a keynote on predicting the future of information technology, outlining some of his methods and what we can learn from each. By predicting where IT is going and identifying disruptive technology and trend, we can not only avoid disruption but harness […]