Big Data Defined for 2013: A definition that can help in your interaction with the IT community

We have previously written about the importance of discipline in terms of art like Big Data. There are plenty of indications that more discipline and rigor is required on how we use the term. To date, our key message has been that it is the enterprise CTO who is responsible for defining how the term […]

Terracotta CEO Predicts Big Data Trends for 2013

Big Data has been a hot topic throughout 2012. With 2013 fast approaching, we sat down with Terracotta CEO Robin Gilthorpe to get his predictions for the top trends that will drive Big Data activity in the coming year. His top five predictions, explained in detail in this video, are: Big Data has to be […]

Strong Transformation Capabilities for Mission-Focused Application Integration

The T in ETL, or the “transform” stage of “extract, transform, load” data process, rarely gets the spotlight in the Big Data revolution, but it’s one of the most challenging and important elements in turning raw data into intelligence. Pulling entries from various logs, for example, is useless unless you transform the dates and times […]

The Fourth Dimension of Big Data

Big Data is often described by the three drivers (dimensions) of: volume, velocity and variety. But Stefan Andreasen, Founder and CTO of Kapow has alerted us to the fourth – spread. Volume describes the overall AMOUNT of Big Data. It almost goes without saying, that for data to be big, there must be a lot […]