Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and the nature of government services

Marc Andreessen

This is the second installment in our series flowing from recent dialog with Marc Andreessen. The first post reviewed some likely scenarios of the tech enabled environment of 2030 and some foundational considerations regarding converged cyber-physical systems all citizens will have access to (see the first post here). In this post we provide some of Marc’s […]

Catelas: Next-Generation ‘Relationship Forensics’ Software


Catelas is a solution on the market today that maps out large communications networks. The software’s unique value is its ability to automatically identify the people that matter in any dataset – a specific case (collected data) or across the entire company (log files or email meta-data). Catelas is used for Legal (Early Case Intelligence & […]

Attend This Cyber Security/Risk Discussion: I Guarantee You Will Be Smarter For it


One of my personal and professional IT heroes is Bob Bigman. He rose to senior leadership ranks in the IC by an ability to continuously learn and think and act and execute on hard tasks very well. He served as the CSO for CIA and since retiring from there has continued to help a broader […]

State of the Payments Industry: With Implications for Enterprise Technologists


Below is an infographic on the state of the payments industry, provided by Merchant Warehouse. We wanted to share this since it provides insights we believe enterprise technologists should be tracking and it does so in a very easy to grasp way. One of the most important trends is the dramatic up tick in mobile payments. […]

Andreessen Horowitz and COMMIT Teaming Up for Veterans in the Valley, October 25-26, Menlo Park, CA


Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and The COMMIT Foundation are teaming up to provide 12 high-potential transitioning military veterans exclusive access to a16z’s extensive network of technology leaders.  During a two-day workshop, participating veterans with a demonstrated interest in the software and Internet technology sector will work with industry mentors to establish clear career goals and strategies […]

Improve Core Banking with Faster Analytics and Back-End Processing


This article was originally published by Gagan Mehra on Terracotta’s Blog, here. Can you improve core banking with faster analytics and back-end processing? We think so! A recent report estimated that between 2009 and 2014, the total number of U.S. online banking households will increase from 54 million to 66 million. This growth will result […]