Released DoJ Documents Show Darker Side of Steve Jobs

The much anticipated iPhone 5C is not the budget device Apple needs to

Nearly everyone has an opinion of Steve Jobs. Since his death in 2011, a bad movie, a weighty autobiography, and numerous anecdotes have surfaced – describing his inexhaustible ambition, his excitable, and his disrespect for others. Perhaps you have heard pieces of the rumored fish tank incident? After painstakingly designing and building the world’s very […]

Has Apple Lost its Mojo?

For the past ten plus years, Apple has been surrounded by an air of mystique. The iPod revolutionized the way people listened to music. As well, iTunes gave the consumer a way to purchase digital music (as well as digital goods) at their leisure, and share it with their devices. While the iPhone was not […]

Agency cybersecurity deficiencies remain as attacks reach all-time high, Obama's Cyberwarfare Strategy Will Backfire and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Napolitano: Cybersecurity executive order only part of the solution – “President Obama’s Feb. 12 executive order falls short of a complete cybersecurity plan and should be seen as a first step in addressing cybersecurity issues, said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano March 7.” It […]

A look at Google and Apple's most recent numbers

The recent quarterly financials from both Google and Apple are stunning. Google has revenues of $14.42B in this quarter, while Apple had revenues of $54.5B. Google returned earnings per share of $8.62 and $13.81 for Apple. Apple’s numbers did fall short of Wall Street’s expectations; however, they exceeded their own. Google’s showing 36 percent in […]

Why I'm Buying an iPad Mini

As an avid Android user, I have not bought any Apple products for personal use since an iPod 3rd Generation went belly up on me almost 5 years ago. The battery or some other internal mechanism went, and I have never looked back (well more than once or twice). I thought the iPod was okay, […]

An Overview of Apple's Event Yesterday

Yesterday, the whole tech world took a little break to listen in on what Apple had to say.  Apple released details on three key products, the iPhone 5, the 5th generation iPod Touch, and the newest iPod Nano. Apple’s naming conventions are absolutely wacky, so we’ll just call them the iPhone 5, and the new […]