Liquid Robotics: An update on this particularly virtuous technology– and a request for your input

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It has been a while since we have written about our friends at Liquid Robotics. We imagine most of our readers are keeping their ears open for news on their capabilities, they are so widely known in tech circles just about everyone knows their basic approach of leveraging “Wave Gilders” as wave propelled robotic platforms […]

An Update on Liquid Robotics

Liquid Robotics, a company led by CEO Bill Vass, is making huge inroads in sensor deployments in some of the most difficult to monitor parts of our planet.  That is, the vast, open ocean.  Liquid Robotics has developed a maritime robot that can travel thousands of miles, carry different payloads, energize itself from ocean wave […]

Liquid Robotics: Wave-powered robots serving diverse missions

Liquid Robotics produces a wave-powered robot called the Wave Glider. This unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV) holds great promise in enhancing human understanding of the oceans, which will enable us to be better stewards of the essential resources it holds. Wave Glider UMV’s will one day help us better observe climate, fish and other life in the […]