Work-Bench Security Summit 30 Sep in NYC: Invite-only, but here is how to get engaged and invited


Work-Bench is a technology accelerator. Specifically they accelerate enterprise technologies, which makes them especially interesting. This group should be tracked closely by any enterprise technologist. Sign up for their newsletter here and follow them on Twitter at @work_bench. Work-Bench articulates what they do like this: We scale enterprise technology companies by providing community and workspace, […]

Spies Want Your Money: Look at this pinhole camera used to steal credit card numbers


Threats to our information are not only from malware or brute force hacks or social engineering. Criminals are motivated to look for every advantage. Sometimes we read about very sophisticated attacks against hardware that require advanced engineering. But attacks don’t really have to be sophisticated to be successful. Two relatively easy to execute attacks were […]

Become a Google Glass Explorer and Help Prepare Your Enterprise For The Coming Age of Wearables


We are part of the Google Glass Explorer program and have enjoyed being able to use Glass to help think through some of the potential of this new category of technology. After spending time with this I believe Google Glass will be a success in the market. I can’t say that every home will own […]

Microsoft shows off built-in Kinect, New iPad/iPhone rumors with release dates and more

Here are the top mobile news and stories of the day. Microsoft shows displays with built-in Kinect, predicts future laptop integration – Microsoft is showing off some displays with built-in Kinect capabilities. These could be very similar to today’s “SmartBoards” which are a mix of computer, whiteboard and projector, as well as much more. Moving […]

What if you had 40 minutes with one of America's greatest data scientists?

How would you like to attend an event that features a presentation by Jeff Hammerbacher providing context and lessons learned on Innovation and Data?  If you are like most enterprise technologists you would jump at the opportunity. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you don’t have to travel to a conference to hear Jeff, you […]

NYC replaces payphones with touchscreens,

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. New York City replaces 250 public pay phones with iPad-like screens - after the effects of Superstorm Sandy, regular phone booths were suddenly hubs for communication. NYC will be installing smart screens that will “provide city information, emergency broadcasts and local business deals.” Via GigaOM, more […]