Security Innovation Network SINET 16 Application Process Now Open


We have previously written about the Security Innovation Network (SINET) and the yearly SINET Showcase.  This is a group every technology firm should have some familiarity with now. Startups should track SINET as a way to learn and perhaps expose your technology to the community. Established security firms should track SINET to learn of emerging […]

The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video


This post deals with exciting science that is fun to watch. But it is also a topic which will have significant implications for security professionals and perhaps also for law enforcement and other mission domains. The video at this link and embedded below shows research and results of ways to extract audible sound from a […]

Americans Optimistic about Technology’s Future


In the 20th century, science fiction writers imagined incredible futuristic technologies – inventions like lab-grown organs and driverless cars, teleportation and space colonization, robots that take care of our sick and DNA manipulation of unborn children. In our century, technological achievements increasingly resemble the science fictions novels we read in high school, and the good […]

Cloudant: Multi-petabyte data sets now analyzable in the cloud


Cloudant was acquired by IBM in March 2014. Cloudant was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 by three MIT physicists who at the time were moving multi-petabyte data sets around from the Large Hadron Collider. Frustrated by the available tools for managing and analyzing big data in their research, the founders built a distributed, fault-tolerant, […]

Disney Does Data! With Magic Bands park visitors get a better experience (and Disney knows more about you than you would ever believe)

Disney Twitter

When I first heard about the new MagicBands Disney started using about a month ago I was pretty skeptical. I did not understand what purpose these bands would serve other than proving that Disney is getting even more creepy. But when you think about it, Disney is very driven to achieve optimal performance with everything […]

Crucial Point LLC: Providing outsourced R&D, BD and IT Services

Crucial Point LLC is a technology research, consulting and services firm. We research and report on technology market trends, advanced technology concepts, and new business models enabled by advanced technologies. We provide market intelligence, business development and technology services. We primarily work in the national security/cyber security domain, and serve clients from government, high tech […]