Navy Information Dominance Corps: IT still searching for the right governance model


It’s always interesting to see how large, complex organizations have morphed over time to absorb the increasing importance of IT and Cyber. Industry, academia and government have approached this important task with varying solutions. It’s sometimes unbelievably frustrating to watch as years roll by and organizations come-and-go, at great expense of manpower, brainpower and hard […]

DISA collapsing wired networks, expanding wireless, Coasties don’t want expensive TISCOM laptops and more

Global Network

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Coasties don’t want expensive TISCOM laptops – According to a recent DHS audit, the Coast Guard is sitting on over 5,000 laptops in Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command warehouses. These laptops, many of which are over 3 years old, cost units over […]

USN: A review of changing traditions, and call for more!


Some Traditions are NOT needed!  Back in the day… the process to transmit Navy messages included strict accountability and control and were hugely labor intensive.  But as official information exchange technologies become more prevalent, DoD transitioned to other means to accomplish the task.  Organizational messaging services are prevalent throughout DoD now.  And as of this week, Navy has just […]

Moscow Rules: The original protocol for operating in the presence of adversaries can be applied to cyber defense


Lessons learned from US agents who operate in enemy territory have been captured for years and transformed into a code of conduct popularly known as “Moscow Rules.” Those old rules existed for a reason. Real-world experience proved their effectiveness when agents had to operate in the presence of adversaries. Since modern cyber defenders are also […]

EPA completes Cloud Email Migration, Cuts Hit Cyber Drills and Security Programs and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. EPA completes cloud email migration – The Environmental Protection Agency and Lockheed Martin have completed the migration to Microsoft Office 365. This four-year contract migrated over 22,000 EPA employees to the cloud email capability. ‘”By moving to the cloud with Office 365 for Government, […]

DISA Vice Director Discusses Future of DoD IT

On Jan 24, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Vice Director, Naval RADM David G Simpson, spoke at the AFCEA Central Maryland Luncheon. He discussed the benefits of collocation with NSA and USCYBERCOM at Fort Meade, a look at DoD’s readiness, and focused on the Joint Information Environment, the future of DoD information technology. The […]