Why I dropped Verizon for Straight Talk and Google Voice (No, seriously)

A few weeks ago I wrote about just moving to Google Voice and VoIP for voice calls. It worked a bit, but not perfectly. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan – Straight Talk’s AT&T service coupled with full Google Voice implementation. I know you are confused, […]

Google is now selling the Galaxy Nexus unlocked

In an unexpected turn, Google quietly unveiled their “devices” section of their website. They are offering the Galaxy Nexus (GSM) completely unlocked for $399. While the Galaxy Nexus might not be the most powerful Android phone right now, it is a Google Experience device, was the first to receive ICS and is still the first […]

A look at Verizon Wireless' Stellar Quarter 2

Verizon Wireless (VZW) stated that their operating revenues in Q2 were up to $27.5B. They claim to have 2.2M new additions – I was even one of them. But while they are attributing these newcomers to the iPhone and their stable of LTE devices, I believe a majority switched for another reason. It was widely published that VZW […]