Finally: A (real) Dual Monitor Laptop

2 Beautiful 15.4" Screens, on the go.

gScreen, a small but ambitious laptop maker, is preparing to release 15.4" laptops that actually have two screens.  The screens slide apart, allowing you to use either 1 screen or 2.

Currently, the specs include 2 LED back-lit screens (should help cut down on power usage), Intel's Core 2 Duo mobile line, DDR2 RAM, and NVIDIA graphics, either 9800M GT or the Quadro FX 1700M.  The 9800M GT would be suited for gaming/everyday desktop use, while the Quadro for the Workstation/Photoshopping crowd.

One, it is just plain cool to have that much screen on the go.  I am sure that there will be many people (photographers, programmers, and analysts) who will appreciate the ability to have that much screen real-estate.  Most manufacturers are moving to smaller, lighter, and more portable, but gScreen is offering us 12 lbs. of dual 15.4" goodness.

This is not the first attempt at a dual screen laptop.  There is Lenovo's W700ds laptop with a little slide out screen (here).  It has received decent reviews, but in my opinion is not worth the premium ($5,000) for just little bit of added space.   The quality of screen doesn't look quite as good as the original (and neither is an LED).

Personally, after adopting to a dual monitor setup myself (2 22-inch screens), it is tough to drop down to a single screen (all of my multi-tasking is just shot!).  I can't really imagine taking this on the road with me - I find the netbook perfect for note-taking anywhere, but it could have a lot of value for the right users.

gScreen is trying to ship this machine for under $3,000.  Quite a high price-point, but according to their website they have received interest from DoD, Banking, Finance, and Investing sectors (although I was under the impression that they didn't have too much money to spend).

Most enterprises focus on one portable endpoint solution for the large part of their employees, I would hazard that as more solutions are available a tiered laptop approach be adopted.  As I previously suggested, netbooks could be given to most users, and only individuals who need this workspace (and power) would warrant these.  This laptop would be a waste if it were tied to a desk, because dual monitor solutions are far cheaper.  Rather, it needs to be used on the road, regularly.

Adopting a tiered technology plan for your enterprise allows you to save money (where possible) and ensure that power-users have powerful capabilities.  Stay tuned to gScreen's website for more information on the Spacebook 2009 (Q4 release).

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