The 2010 geoint symposium will be held November 1-4 2010 in New Orleans.  The symposium, sponsored and coordinated by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, is great for enterprise technologists seeking to better understand the state of today's geospatial technologies as well as other enterprise IT.  It is also a great place to go to learn more about the geospatial mission needs of the federal enterprise.  And, as you can probably imagine, it always has a GREAT expo floor with an almost endless array of demos.  I can't wait!

The full agenda is located at:

Some of the greatest from the intelligence community will be speaking, including the DNI General Clapper.  There are also some great social events and plenty of networking opportunities.

I get to speak on a panel 4 Nov 2010.  The topic is the Cyber-Location Nexus.  It will open with remarks by Major General Suzanne M. "Zan" Vautrinot of US Cybercom.  Panelists include:

• Jeff Jonas, Chief Scientist, IBM Entity Analytics; IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBMSoftware Group
• Bob Gourley, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Crucial Point LLC; Editor,
• John Kelly, Founder and Lead Scientist, Morningside Analytics

Write-up/thesis of the panel is this: The real-world, defined in geographic space, has collided with the virtual world leading to a host of complex policy and national security issues. Here, at the cyber-location nexus, bad actors can target infrastructure in particular locations entirely through cyberspace. Natural and man-made disasters in a particular geography hosting critical infrastructure can have profound impacts in cyber-space. How well versed are we at surviving the cyber-location nexus? What actions are being taken to ensure that cyberspace is being mapped geographically? What steps are being taken to geospatially-enable the attribution of bad actors in cyber-space? Do we really know “where” our cyber infrastructure is? Find out the answers to these by attending this session on Thursday afternoon.

Some other Geoint notes:

  • The symposium leadership has enabled the use of a specialized social networking capability for the conference called Crowdvine.  This looks like a good way to discover friends/associates who are coming that you want to connect with.  If you are registered for Geoint check out crowdvine at:
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