What you're missing at CES 2012

CES is the place to be this week...or is it?

Since @BobGourley won't send me to CES, I have to constantly monitor my Twitter feed and all of the technology sites. But, we have curated what we believe are the top stories (and will keep updating) to provide you with what you need to know about CES 2012.

CES is getting smaller and less important - but that does not mean I'm going to ignore it. The absence of Apple's real presence is (not their 250 skulking ninja scouts) means that Android devices undoubtedly are the headliners. Smartphones and tablets are the real money devices, with connected TVs as a back up story. PC manufacturers are trying to get the public excited about ultrabooks, but I don't buy into the hype myself.

Top Stories thus far:

Asus to release 7" Tegra 3 Android 4.0 tablet for $249

The 7" MeMO will be a big success!

The Tegra 3 chip is really an awesome performer. It makes Android in all forms run snappy, and is a great 3D game performer. The original Transformer was great, and the Prime was a huge upgrade (even Gizmodo liked it, here). The Kindle Fire has proven demand for 7" tablets, and at $249 it will crush the Fire in capabilities and function. This will be the best small tablet, and a great starter Android device.

Asus releases ICS for Transformer Prime

The release of ICS was promised months ago by Asus, and it's great to see them follow through. the Transformer Prime is keying up to be the iPad competitor that Google has always needed. ICS has a refined UX that is easier to use than Honeycomb or Gingerbread, and flattens the Android learning curve.

Windows 8 is around - and people like it!

Microsoft hit the ball out of the park with Windows 7. It sold better than any OS ever, and is widely acclaimed. Windows 8 is Microsoft's attempt to bring touch to the mainstream OS - and if it is successful will be a huge benefit to the company. Despite the iPad's dominance, I believe there is room for new devices in the tablet market - and if Microsoft can make a killer enterprise tablet, people will be scrambling to pick it up.

Windows 8 is a big step forward for Microsoft and will dictate their future in the mobile game

Intel releasing Android Smartphone

Android now supports x86 architecture, and Intel has finally released the first x86 Android device. It will be released first in China, but should follow shortly over in the US. The key will be finding the appropriate carrier. As Android is adapted for new uses, the strengths of the platform really shine.

Roku Streaming Stick

I've already talked about the Roku boxes in previous posts, but think the streaming stick is an even cooler capability. All you do is plug it into your MHL compatible HDMI port (which might be hard to find) and it will deliver Roku capabilities without the box at all.

So what did we miss? If you were at CES let us know - or if there's something you think I missed please comment below.

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