What Is Hadoop? Here is a 101 with Mike Olson

Every technologist I know has been working to learn more about Hadoop. I bet you are already somewhat familiar with some of the neat use-cases of this technological framework. But let me ask, wouldn't you like to be able to express what Hadoop is in a clear, succinct way? Would you like to be able to do that in ways that non-technologists understand?  That is a great goal to have and is actually easily accomplished. Just watch the following video of Cloudera CEO Mike Olson as he gives an articulation of "Hadoop 101".

Mike points out that in the old days if you had a data problem you would write a big check for a massive piece of hardware and with any money left over you would by some very expensive but powerful software. That box with software and data became your data temple and your analysis and conclusions were done there.

There are problems with that approach. Data is now growing so fast. It is now impossible for one box to have all your data. You must have your data across multiple servers and use software that can coordinate and operate across all those servers. Hadoop is the platform designed to do this. It is designed to solve the problems of today, not the problems of yesterday.

How does it work? Want to hear in easy to understand English? Watch Mike in the clip, I think he does a great job. If you already know Hadoop well I'd recommend you watch this as well, since it may help you express its power to other non-techies.

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Bob Gourley is a co-founder and Partner at Cognitio, the publisher of CTOvision.com and ThreatBrief.com . Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley