Two Fun Big Data Videos Every Techie Should Watch

With this post I would like to introduce two videos I recommend any enterprise technologist watch. Both are from the website at 

The first is actually very NON-technical. It is a short, cute (with rainbows and butterflies) cartoon that talks in small words about some key use cases most businesses are experiencing today, and ends with a clear explanation that underscores that Cloudera provides the fastest way to make Hadoop enterprise ready. Even if you have years experience in the technical end of IT I'd recommend you watch this video, not because you will learn about the technology, but because you will hear some great ways to discuss technology with non technical people. If you ever find yourself talking to non technical managers, finance officers, acquisition professionals, customers or other stakeholders, this may be a big help.

The second video lasts about 4 minutes, but it is more technical.  In those few short minutes you will see for yourself how to deploy Hadoop clusters running CDH using Cloudera Manager. You will see first hand what the simple, wizard-based interface in the package looks like. It is a great overview for technical folks.

Both videos are embedded below

Getting Started With Hadoop:

Get Started with Hadoop Using Cloudera Enterprise from Cloudera on Vimeo.


Cloudera Manager Demo:

Cloudera Manager Demo: CDH Deployment from Cloudera on Vimeo.

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