New iDevices, Apple Patent Preliminarily Invalidated and more

Today was all about Apple

Here are today's top mobile news and stories.

  • The Apple event today announced the iPad Mini, a surprise iPad 4, and more - Today's event has been on the horizon for a while, but most poeple just thought we were going to get the much anticipated iPad Mini. Apple did deliver the Mini, but they tossed in a surprise iPad 4. The iPad Mini came in under projected costs (which is huge) because it's nearest competitors will be the ~$250 Android tablets. at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, it's not that far away. Gizmodo put together this AWESOME chart that prices them all out (it's a must read). They also claim it's too expensive, but consumers know they will be up-charged by Apple, and if you are into iDevices you'll feel the same. The iPad 4 comes out with slightly faster innards, the new Lightning port and some updates around the device. Apple is making a big push for this holiday, offering 4 new devices with the Lightning port that you'll want to buy a host of accessories to complement. (Gizmodo article calling it too expensive),
  • Dropbox for iOS has been updated to support iPhone 5 and has improved photo resolution - Dropbox, one of the best file-storage programs out there, is now changing out how it handles uploaded images. It now offers full resolution for all Retina displays. Via TUAW, more here.
  • The Apple "Rubber Banding" Patent has been preliminarily invalidated - this patent was a large part of Apple's win over Samsung in the $1B case. While this is a non-final action, it is certainly additional fodder for the Samsung appeal. Via Mac Rumors, more here.

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