CTOvision Podcast: Cybersecurity with Matt Devost

In this podcast Matt Devost, CEO of FusionX, joins us to discuss cybersecurity challenges and innovations in the pipeline.

We talk about a variety of aspects, including;

  • Script kiddies cracking passwords
  • Outsourcing password cracking to the cloud
  • A Change in Cybersecurity Thought Paradigm
  • Advances in agile networking
  • Big Data for network activity and behavioral normalization.

You can keep tabs on Matt Devost at his website, here, or FusionX's website, here.

The image that Matt discussed is available here.

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About Ryan Kamauff

Ryan Kamauff is a senior analyst with Crucial Point LLC. He produces technology focused content for CTOvision.com and reports on analytical megatrends at the new analysis focused Analyst One.