Learn About Joint C5ISR – from A-Z, at the DISA Forecast To Industry

soupIn February, AFCEA International put out the grave news that the annual DISA Mission Partner Conference for FY2013 would be cancelled. This was a huge blow to Defense Industry participants. This is the ONE event where I can annually renew my familiarity with “all things joint”. Not only is it a great get-together (past locations have included Disneyland, Disneyworld, The Grand Ole Opry, to name a few!), but also they hold intensive training sessions on DISA programs. Once a year, you can sign up for so many training sessions your head would explode!

I’m probably not the only one in this industry that sometimes has trouble keeping my C5ISR acronym-alphabet soup straight. One year, I immersed myself in NECC (Net Enabled Command and Control) training, which was supposed to replace GCSS. At the end of the week I was an expert! Ok bad example… a few weeks later DISA cancelled that program because of time and cost overruns. But you get the idea!

Now this week we learn the wonderful news that DISA will indeed present a “Forecast to Industry” (required by law, by the way) which will take place on Friday, August 9 from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at the DISA Headquarters Conference Center on Fort George G. Meade, Md. Although with only one day, I fear that many of the training opportunities will be abbreviated (pun intended), I am sure it’s still worth the cost of travel to this garden spot of America. See you there!

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