Penn & Teller and GoogleGlass: Legendary performers now pioneers of wearable computing

penn-teller-gourley-throughglassPasted below and at this link is an interesting Google Glass video. I captured it after Penn & Teller both gave me permission to record them while onstage. I was at their show and given the opportunity to participate as an observer to one of their most famous and amazing acts, one involving two magic bullets.

Also at this link

The video underscores a few things technologists should track:
- Wearable computing is not mainstream yet. But it is coming.
- One thing that will help it go mainstream is its use in entertainment.
- As the devices become proliferated they will increase the load on both public and private infrastructures, dramatically. That is where the technologist comes in. Many of you will be called on to help design and field enhancements to data storage, communications and analytical capabilities to keep up with this coming wave of data from these devices.
- There are also many ethics considerations to think through. There is a great deal of unexplored area here, most of which does not require a technologist to think through. For example, if you ever record someone, seems like you should ask their permission, right? Unless they are in a public place where it is clear they can be recorded. In the particular case above, this was in a venue and show under the command of Penn & Teller. Things worked as they wished.

By the way, after the show, both Penn and Teller tried on the Glasses and remarked how neat these devices are. Teller told me this was a first for them. Penn mentioned how he had wanted to check them out for quite a while. I'm thinking now that these two innovators will find a way to work these into their show in new ways. As they and other entertainers do it will help accelerate the acceptance of the technology.

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Monty Westmeyer
Monty Westmeyer 5pts

This was a fascinating demonstration and I would think that the Google folks are very much appreciating this exposure. All things considered, the recording and audio quality were impressive -- it would be easy to point out shortcomings, but this exhibits, I think, the ability of a novice (I presume you consider yourself a Google Glass novice, Bob) to use the device and bring home a packaged story without much advance preparation. Cool!

randy hanley
randy hanley 5pts

Its pretty awesome that the best act in Vegas digs Google Glass. I saw them perform last month in Vegas and they are the greatest!