Watch Advanced Analytical Demo Leveraging @Pentaho and @Cloudera In A Law Enforcement Intelligence Use Case

Pentaho enables very powerful, analyst-focused solutions over enterprise data holdings, and is designed to work incredibly well with advanced Big Data infrastructure and other tools, including Cloudera's CDH, Search and Impala.  If you are an analyst in law enforcement, defense or intelligence the demo at this link and embedded below will be of particular interest:

The video is a fast paced overview showing the power of @Pentaho and @Cloudera in a law enforcement use case. James Dixon, Pentaho's CTO and Co-Founder shows how Cloudera Search and Impala can be easily accessed and iteratively/dynamically explored. The dataset used was crime data provided by the City of Chicago. The data was loaded into a Cloudera (CDH) cluster using Pentaho's data integration tool, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI). Then end-user drilldown into the data is powered y Cloudera Search, which executes a faceted search from Pentaho's dashboard. Once an area of interest has been located, Cloudera's Impala executes low-latency performance of SQL on the ra data stored in the Hadoop cluster to bring up individual crime records.

This all happens really fast. And it happens in ways that enterprises need to happen for real time decision-making.

For more on this solution see: Analyze 10 years of Chicago Crime with Pentaho, Cloudera Search and Impala

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