Zettaset Orchestrator: Providing independent management and security layers

Zettaset Orchestrator™ is an enterprise software application which functions as an independent management and security layer, sitting on top of any Apache Hadoop distribution.

Orchestrator is the only solution that has been specifically designed to meet the security requirements of the distributed architectures which predominate in big data and Hadoop environments. Orchestrator creates a comprehensive security wrapper around any Hadoop cluster. With Orchestrator, organizations can now confidently deploy Hadoop in data center environments where security and compliance is a business imperative.

The Zettaset Vision
  • Be the undisputed leader in secure Big Data management
  • Reduce IT overhead by leveraging software automation in place of professional services
  • Simplify installation and management of Hadoop and its distributed infrastructure
  • Deliver an enterprise-hardened solution that addresses security and high availability
  • Enable our software to run on top of the leading Hadoop distributions
  • Accelerate and broaden the adoption of Hadoop as the primary engine for Big Data analytics

For more see: http://www.zettaset.com/

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