4 Tips to Develop an Automated Feedback System

Businesses need to put up feedback systems that will not only attract customers but retain them. Customers determine everything, from sales to product enhancement and delivery. Putting up an automated feedback system that collects information about customer reactions and desires is useful for decision-making, solving customer issues, and influencing product roadmap. Before you start collecting customer feedback you need to have a defined goal of what you want, get ready to be organized, and open your mind to new ideas and suggestions.

Utilize Surveys in Its Various Forms

Even before the internet revolution, surveys have been used to gather information from customers to understand their deepest desires. Surveys are direct and precise and can be targeted to a particular group or groups at the same time. Use customer surveys to get answers to specific questions or find out what customers think about your products or services. Behavioral insight surveys offer business the opportunity to carry out customer feedback on a personal and behavioral-driven basis. Mobile surveys open the door to new grounds by accessing the millions of people who open emails via mobile devices and can be integrated into applications that make it more appealing for customers to participate.

Use Emails and Contact Forms to the Fullest

Automated emails still do wonders. You can make use of emails to send questionnaires, surveys, or forms which customers can easily respond to. Emails are cheap to use, very flexible and can be interacted with programs that make feedback analysis simple and efficient. When sending email for feedbacks, be clear about what you want to achieve and be as simple as you can. Don't send too many automated emails and expose your brand to adverse effects of becoming pestering and excessive. Every email needs to have a purpose and goal. Use email automated feedbacks after delivery confirmation, when the product has been received, and after a week when the customer is enjoying the full scope of the product.

Install a Closed-Loop Feedback Program

Surveys and feedback forms are designed to get information from customers on a large scale. But customers are getting more and more intelligent and involved with the product they consume. They now expect that if they provide a personal feedback the company should also reply with a personal follow-up. Closed-loop automated feedback systems help managers identify the customers that are providing the feedback. It is automated and built on action-oriented design that allows quick follow-up. It also alerts manager if follow-up is needed and provide tools to help managers assign follow-up actions, track progress of open cases, and makes it easy to create transparency in customer experience.

Take Advantage of the Power of Social Media

Social media is the new frontier when it comes to customer interaction and engagement. Pay attention to what is happening on your company social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Respond to comments and suggestions and use analytical data offered by social media and other digital business platform to understand customer behavioral patterns.

Facebook allows you to create polls to get feedbacks from customers on what they think about your products and services. Twitter has automated customer response tools, available in direct message, which makes it easier for brands to take actions on messages, and consumers to get faster response. Be exactly where your customers are on social media, listen to what they have to say, provide care, and track and manage volume.

Automated feedback systems are an essential tool for understanding the inner desires of consumers. Beyond that, it can also be utilized to collect data that can be a useful resource when making decision on product improvement. Business owners must be aware of all the modern tools and applications available at their disposal, to engage more customers and deliver exactly what the client wants.

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Carol M. Evenson

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Carol Evenson is a data security consultant specializing in cloud management and process analysis. She currently assists organizations within the continental US and UK.
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About Carol M. Evenson

Carol Evenson is a data security consultant specializing in cloud management and process analysis. She currently assists organizations within the continental US and UK.

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