6 Places Poised to be the New Silicon Valley Tech Hubs

The image of a group of computer programmers working in their garage somewhere in Silicon Valley is well known. Start-ups have taken over America’s economy and Silicon Valley has never been stronger. This is changing as more and more people flood the computer science industry. All across America, cities are enticing young entrepreneurs and programmers. These cities are promoting a way of life that’s tailor made to this new culture. The tech hubs have left California and have spread from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Here are 6 Places Poised to be the New Silicon Valley Tech Hubs.

Seattle, WA

The home of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft--it’s no wonder Seattle is recognized as a high tech city. Seattle is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S. and that is getting the attention of many investors. The steady climb in the real estate market is a strong indication of the growing success.

The greater Seattle area is seeing more and more tech startups and investments in IT flourish. Top it off with an abundance of coffee, rain, and ambition and you’ve got a recipe for a city poised to be the next Silicon Valley--tech talent will follow.

Pittsburgh, PA

When one thinks of a tech hub, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania isn’t one that springs to mind. The “Steel City” has rebounded from a sagging manufacturing industry that has plagued much of the Midwest. Pittsburgh emphasized a focus on bringing in new residents to the city through affordable housing and eco-consciousness. This new way of thinking has expanded green spaces, museums, and a commitment to arts & culture.

These new commitments have made it a very exciting option. In order to bring in new people and fully sell new residents on the benefits of their area, the city created the Pittsburgh Technology Council. This council is responsible for convincing young start-ups to set up shop in their fine city. You won’t find the huge names as other major tech hubs, but what you will find are hundreds of smaller start-ups making their marks in their own industries. A city that wants everyone to succeed has made Pittsburgh one of the top tech areas in the nation.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is seeing a lot more tech careers flow into the area--with companies like CareerBuilder, Orbitz, Groupon, and Redbox--exciting business to consumer companies are attracting strong tech talent. Best of all the housing market is offering low median real estate prices that are in sync with the median salary in Chicago. The growing tech force is not only attracted to the booming job opportunities, they are also falling in love with the art, culture, and big city atmosphere that is abundant in Chi-Town.

Dallas, TX

The D-Town, as it's known to the locals in Dallas, Texas, is champing at the bit to accept technopreneurs to its fine city. Dallas movers are working overtime to ensure that those making the transition to the area are well taken care of with their famous Texas hospitality. The 4th highest GDP in the country and unemployment well below the national average are huge selling points drawing people to the Dallas tech scene. Companies like Exxon, AT&T, and Texas Instruments are expanding their tech positions and new residents have an abundance of job opportunities available that will help build and grow the Dallas economy.

Miami, FL

Miami may bring to mind bikini clad beaches, but this vibrant city is becoming a hotspot for many Latin American tech entrepreneurs. Startups are popping up all over the area specializing in everything from healthcare to domain registry companies are looking for tech talent. Dade county continues to attract foreign and U.S. investors who are seeing low real estate prices and steady investment growth. Tech talent coming to the area enjoy the never ending sunshine, fun, and job security that Miami brings to the tech game.

Raleigh, NC

The Research Triangle has been exploding with tech companies over the past few years. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, home of the Tar Heels, is pumping out qualified graduates that are taking the country by storm. Those that don’t leave the area find a job market that is ready to accept them, huge, open, green home lots await custom builds allowing the next generation of employees to create a city that works for them.

The Research Triangle--the cities of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham--is home to some major tech players, IBM, Cisco, and Lenovo are but a few of the hundreds of tech companies that call this area home. Applicants are finding a wide variety of opportunities in the job market. Over 46,000 skilled employees live and work in the Research Triangle with no signs of slowing down.

America is experiencing a boom of young tech entrepreneurs with the next big idea. Cities are clamoring to be the homes to these new innovations. Offering a favorable way of life, low property taxes, and great schools--the new tech hubs are growing to become powerhouses of their own. Today’s tech professionals are looking for an excellent local culture in which they can place their own stamp. The new tech hubs are all too willing to encourage their arrival.


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