A dark horse in the Ethereum scaling wars? Chainlink’s oracles find fertile ground on xDai

Read Andrey Shevchenko take a look at Chainlink’s support for xDai, a layer-two sidechain, and how it will help crypto-players on Coin Telegraph :

Chainlink (LINK) oracles have made their way to xDai, an Ethereum sidechain that has seen growing adoption among DApp developers who cannot afford to stay on the Ethereum mainnet. As announced by Chainlink on Thursday, its price feeds are live on the xDai mainnet, offering price data for an initial set of trading pairs including LINK/USD, AAVE/USD, DOT/USD and SUSHI/USD. More pairs can be quickly added if there is demand, the company said. The integration was completed by Protofire, a development workshop and xDai validator.

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