How Advanced Technology Helps Recover Stolen Vehicles

Walking out the door one morning to discover your car has been stolen can be a shocking experience. Car thefts, however, do occur with alarming frequency all over the world. Even owners with decent alarm systems find their vehicles targeted and successfully stolen. The positive news here comes in the form of current technology developments. Innovations in technology bring about the potential to recover stolen vehicles efficiently and quickly.

The arrival of such technology shows advancements in auto technology involve many different things. Enhanced leisure and improved safety may be the two most commonly discussed improvements, but the advancements come in many forms. Stolen car recovery technology might not receive much media attention as other advancements and, yet, the technology makes life a lot easier for victims of auto theft.

Tracking Devices

Stolen vehicle technology can provide an effective means of tracking the vehicle. A GPS device tells the owner exactly where the car is. The police can be notified of the vehicle's location and then respond appropriately. The ability to respond quickly definitely makes the situation more manageable. A stolen car could be taken apart for its parts. The parts then sell for huge sums on the illegal underground market. Locating the car and arresting the thieves without significant delays allows the police to reach the vehicle before it has been disassembled.

The Smartphone Bonus

Logging into a theft recovery program can be done via smartphone. For travelers, this allows them to keep tabs on their vehicle even while many thousands of miles away. Through an app, an owner can determine if the vehicle has been moved. The tracking GPS features would make this possible. Even though the driver may be at a remote location, the ability to use the theft technology is never compromised. The ability to stop the theft and recover the vehicle remains efficient. Basic web development advancements contribute to this remote feature.

Unique Protective Features

Tracking and recovery functions are not the only features associated with anti-theft programs. One interesting functions involves the ability to slow down the car. The thief cannot exactly race away with the vehicle when the speedometer and the transmission won't work as expected. Nothing mysterious causes the slowdown. The vehicle's operational capabilities have been overridden. Thieves and other unauthorized drivers might find their plans upended.

In addition to slowing down the vehicle, it may be possible to outright stop the engine from restarting. If the thief parks the car, he/she may make an unfortunate discovery upon returning. Turning the key in the ignition does nothing. The engine has been remotely shut down. The car has become completely inoperable. The thief's journey, at least with the car, has ended.

Logging Statistics

Even with theft recovery technology in place, no one wishes to see a car get stolen. While the vehicle may safely remain in the control of the owners, the theft technology could still be delivering positive benefits. The program might log statistics related to the authorized driving of the vehicle. Such information may be presented to insurance companies, which could result in a premium discount. Parents worried about their children's driving habits can review the statistics. If any trouble patterns show up, appropriate action can be taken.

Theft Aftermath and Recovering the Car

Even if an auto insurance policy covers the loss of the vehicle, most owners would prefer to simply get their stolen car back. The time and effort required to file a claim and purchase a new vehicle can be inconvenient. Recovering the stolen vehicle makes things less complicated. Brilliant new theft recovery technology does more than help returns a vehicle. It simplifies lives.


Rick Delgado

Rick Delgado is a freelance technology writer and commentator.


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