Akamai’s Intelligent Internet Platform

Akamai recognized the issues of the Internet early on and addressed them by creating the Akamai Intelligent Internet Platform, a globally distributed computing platform made up of tens of thousands of Akamai servers, controlled by proprietary software, and located around the world within nearly all of the individual networks that make up the Internet.

By monitoring the Internet in real time, Akamai is able to identify online traffic, congestion and trouble spots so it can eliminate long routes and serve content from a server that's close to the end–user and not on the other side of the country.

Akamai's Intelligent Internet Platform is the best platform for online business.

  • It simplifies your business (outsourced infrastructure and complexity)
  • Guarantees performance (quality, speed, reliability, availability)
  • It provides valuable real–time global data
  • It protects you with layers of robust security
  • It's instantly scalable and compliant

On top of Akamai's Intelligent Internet Platform, the company has built specific solutions that help companies with their cloud computing efforts, commerce websites, online HD video, downloads and security needs.

No other company has an intelligent platform like this with solutions such as:

  • Akamai Application Performance Solutions
  • Akamai Dynamic Site Solutions
  • Akamai Digital Asset Solutions
  • Akamai Advertising Decision Solutions
  • Akamai Security & Protection Solutions
  • Akamai Professional Consulting & Support
Find out more here: http://www.akamai.com/

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