Ancelus: Next Generation Database and Analytics

The Ancelus Database and Analytics solution is an emerging technology that addresses the never ending problem of information overload. As sensors produce more data and we continue to consolidate data driven systems, we are quickly approaching serious problems with the traditional database approach that we see with current products. We continue to increase our storage capacity but fail to advance the seek time to retrieve this data. The demands for enterprise data by the mobile and disadvantaged platforms make this challenge even more difficult. The Ancelus technology is different in that it offers a hybrid memory/disk database with algorithmic storage and retrieval methods.

Ancelus is a technology solution for the next generation of ultimate data management. Here are some quick brief highlights:
- Fast, Scalable: Up to 10 MILLION times faster, up to 9 EXABYTES
- R/W Latency: Constant 200 nanosecond, any size to 9 exabytes
- Three Table Join, billion row: 4.6 billion TPM, 70 µsec first return, $8,000 of mail-order hardware.
- At the quantum limit of information technology
- Single logical structure, fully integrated indexes & binary tree:
- No external indexes, index refresh, data refresh, sharding, or column cache.
- What if you merged Hadoop, Hana, Map Reduce, and Oracle and made it fast?
- Streaming analytics support: 1 million statistical operations per second on the incoming data stream.
- Continuous operation: live admin and schema change
- Key-hopping encryption: unique key for every data element. No stored keys. (patent pending).
- Analyst commentary:
- “…a revolution”; “…most disruptive in 30 years”; “Carrier grade…runs forever”;
- “…what are they smoking?”

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