Apigee: Enterprise grade platform for data sharing and innovation

In 2013 In-Q-Tel  issued a press release on a recent strategic partnership and technology development agreement with a firm called Apigee. That statement alone is all the savvy technologist needs to know to start diving into Apigee. In-Q-Tel has a reputation for applying lots of focused thought into the firms they invest in and because of that have a terrific track record of finding very virtuous firms, so anyone they like we like. Since 2013 we have tracked Apigee in our Disruptive IT Directory, and just reviewed their progress to date and found their capabilities have grown, as well as their customer base. We continue to view them as one of the disrupters of highest potential.

Today Apigee's tag like is that they are "Delivering the products that make every business a digital business."  Pretty bold! How do they do that? They enable access to data and services via easy to use, easy to scale APIs.  This makes it much easier for any developer or even power user to access, mix and mashup data and services from any source.

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