App47: Application Intelligence for the Mobile Enterprise

App47 is a leading provider of application intelligence for the mobile enterprise. Their cloud-based Mobile Application Management solution gives today’s mobile enterprises the power they need to optimize the mobile user experience.  App47 delivers an integrated, lifecycle approach to help enterprises quickly and securely deploy, manage, and analyze enterprise mobile Apps—without compromising the privacy of enterprise data.

App47 takes a lifecycle approach to Mobile Application Management—one that optimizes the mobile user experience.

When you put App47 to work, your mobile users can:

  • Go directly to your enterprise App marketplace to easily and securely obtain your mobile Apps
  • Have a productive and enjoyable mobile experience while using enterprise Apps
  • Experience satisfaction with the speed, performance, and availability of enterprise mobile Apps

As a result, you can gain the true value from your mobile investments.

For Executives
App47 means getting your Apps in the right hands and giving them the best possible experience, so you can unleash the power of mobility. Learn More

For IT Directors
App47 means keeping your Apps running at peak performance and staying a step ahead of user problems.
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For App Developers
App47 means understanding how to build more efficient, effective, and successful mobile Apps. Learn More

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