Appian: Accelerating digital transformation

Appian's goal is to accelerate meaningful digital transformation. They would like to enable every company to be a software company.

We get the vision. This is exactly what the world needs right now.

The Appian Platform makes it faster and easier to drive powerful business innovation through the unification of process, data, collaboration, mobility and more.

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A sharp rise in adverse events in the medical device industry over the last five years has prompted the creation of new and heightened regulations. How can manufacturers navigate the new regulatory reality?
#Cloud platforms and #blockchain to the rescue.

How to Navigate the Regulatory Landscape for Medical Devices - Appian Blog

To maintain compliance among increasing and evolving medical device regulations, companies must change their processes and implement new systems.

#ICYMI Check out our interview from #AppianWorld with @Appian's Alex Duncan and BIG's David Hauser where they discuss our Regional Partner of the Year award, among other things. Way to go Dave!

Get to know the capabilities of 18.3! If you missed our 18.3 Product Announcement Webinar, we have the recording for you. Check it out to learn about all the new features and updates coming to Appian.

Appian 18.3 Product Announcement Webinar

Build once, deploy anywhere. Whether you're a mobile-only user, or just need to stay connected on the go, we've overhauled every interface component s...

Join @neilwd on Sept. 11th for "From BPM to Intelligent Automation: Designing Your Strategy" - webinar hosted by @Appian & also feat. @pshealth - register here:

By popular demand: no more app server required - Apache Tomcat included in standard installations. Save time & money with #Appian 18.3.

"Tracking physician metrics and clinical quality as a whole is directly tied to improving the quality of overall care provided."
This is why data quality measures help improve patient outcomes.
via @AppianHealth #BigData

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