Apple iCloud data now stored on Chinese government servers, Data breach at LabCorp, SIM hijacking, Aircraft cybersecurity, half of US retailers suffer data breach in 2018

The following are some of the cyber security and cyber war related stories we are tracking:

Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator

If you are an Apple iPhone or Mac user and are communicating with someone in China, you should be extra careful because as per the official Government diktat Apple's iCloud user data in China is now being stored by a division of state-owned China Telecom. If you are in China, you should opt out of iCloud sync services because all data including your emails and text messages are now being stored by a division of China Telecom. Source: Tech Crunch.

LabCorp Investigates a Possible Data Breach

Another day another breach. This time it is LabCorp, one of the nation’s largest medical diagnostics companies whose servers was hacked by unknown hackers and could have leaked personal health information of a massive 1.5 million users. The company, in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, says it detected “suspicious activities” on its network over the weekend of July 14 and “immediately took certain systems offline as part of its comprehensive response to contain the activity.” Read more about the hack attack on LabCorp on Fortune.

Cybersecurity top priority for aircraft makers says Airbus

One area where cybersecurity could have far-reaching consequences including human fatalities is the aircraft industry. Because of its very fatal nature, everything that air manufacturing industry plans is considered through the lens of cybersecurity. But Ian Goslin, UK managing director of Airbus cybersecurity says that not every aircraft maker is on the same page.  Read why cybersecurity should be a top priority for aircraft makers on Computer Weekly.

The SIM Hijackers

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai takes a look at the OGUSERS, a forum to trade social media and gaming handle which is often used to buy and sell social media handles stolen via “SIM hijacking.”  SIM hijacking means hackers steal phone numbers from the carrier's customer service using social engineering. Once the hackers have the SIM number, it offers them a gateway to the all the social media accounts of the victim. Read his full article on Motherboard.

Half of US retailers have seen a data breach this year

Exactly six months have passed and nearly 50 percent of US retailers have been hit by a data breach in 2018. This was revealed by a new research from Thales eSecurity. The research revealed that nearly half of US retailers experienced a breach in 2018 compared to just 19 percent last year. Read the full analysis of Thales eSecurity report on IT Pro Portal.

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