Apple: Increasingly an enterprise IT company

We all know and use Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). And at a market cap of $591B they are clearly an IT player that will stick around and do big things for a long time to come. For those of us who have worked with them through the decades we have seen a slow shift that started with a clear anti-establishment, rebel, pirate-ship attitude towards enterprise business. In the old days the only folks in the enterprise who could use an Apple were doing graphics.  But now that everyone uses them at home increasingly the workforce is demanding Apples on their desktops. And models of application delivery like the App Store are transforming how apps are delivered for enterprises. Meanwhile, other big players like IBM are scrambling to learn mobile and are leveraging the Swift programming language for new apps.  We will be seeing more and more Apple in the enterprise.

We will continue to track them on our Tech Titan list.

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