Apple’s AR Glasses Could Transform Multiple Industries

Apple has been working in Augmented Reality since the launch of the iPhone, at first by just driving research and fueling imagination, but then by powering real AR that uses the computational power of the iPhone and its cameras plus smart software to drive both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications.

But the biggest gains in AR have been via non-apple platforms, to date. Magic Leap, Hololense and the like are the clear leaders, for now. Google Glass was a big experiment in AR and Google will be announcing innovation in these areas soon too.

But there are now indications that Apple is moving in a much bigger way into AR. The capabilities being provided to developers today is really unmatched. But these capabilities only run on iPhones and iPads.

But now Apple is reportedly working on a set of glasses that will do AR. The architecture is reportedly one that uses the iPad or iPhone for processing, then interacting with the computer power of advanced glasses to drive the AR functionality.

The video below captures more:

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