Apple’s new Core ML 2 Framework promises faster and smaller AI, Google opts out of Project Maven, Nvidia launches two AI Platforms

The following are some of the Artificial Intelligence topics we are following:

Apple’s Core ML 2 is 30% faster, cuts AI model sizes by up to 75%

The iPhone maker is training its guns on artificial intelligence with its new Core ML 2 Framework which promises to help devs cut AI model sizes by 75 percent. Apple has unveiled Core ML 2, its latest framework for machine learning on iOS, and Create ML, a new GPU-accelerated tool for native AI model training on Macs. Apple made the announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 in San Jose, California yesterday. Read all about Apple's Core ML 2 framework on Venture Beat.

Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project Maven, a Controversial Pentagon Drone AI Imaging Program

Google has finally bowed down to the pressure from its employees who were against the search giant working with Pentagon on a top secret AI program called Project Maven. Google has reportedly pulled the plug after employees kept on piling pressure on its top honchos to stop collaborating with DoD on Project Maven. Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene told employees that company will not renew its Project Maven AI contract with DoD; the current contract expires in 2019. Greene added that Google will not seek another contract for its controversial work providing artificial intelligence to the U.S. Department of Defense. Read more about it on Gizmodo. CTOvision has many views on this one. First is, ok Google you have got to be kidding us, you are acting like you have ethics? We used to buy that old "don't be evil" stuff but realize now you are the man. Example: Google We Have A Problem With Duplex: Cool tech, but needs bounding. More views on this silliness at: In Defense Of 3% Of Google’s Employees And Their (And Everyone’s) Right To Have Opinions

AI Winter Is Well On Its Way

Despite the hype, there are some signs that interest around deep learning research has slowed inside big corporations, especially in the autonomous driving space — Deep learning has been at the forefront of the so-called AI revolution for quite a few years now, and many people had believed. Read why Filip Piekniewski analytical article about why AI is not really taking off as is being projected in the media on his blog.

Nvidia debuts cloud server platform to unify AI and high-performance computing

With other chip makers already making huge progress in AI-based products, Nvidia has been a little slow getting off the block. But now it seems to be getting its act together with HGX-2, a cloud computing platform for AI and high performance computing. Nvidia's new HGX-2 consists of 16 GPUs delivering 2 petaflops per second which the company says will provide programmers with high ground in artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. Read about Nvidia's new HGX-2 on Silicon Angle.

Nvidia launches Isaac robot platform with Jetson Xavier robot processor

While we are on Nvidia, it has also launched a second AI platform called the Isaac robot platform with Jetson Xavier robot processor that it says delivers over 30 trillion operations per second. The new robot platform is priced at $1,300. Nvidia says that its Isaac robot platform will give a tremendous boost to AI computing for next generation of autonomous machines. Source: Venture Beat.



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