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Apptio seeks to help CIOs explain IT cost.

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Apptio’s On-Demand Technology Business Management Software

Apptio’s on-demand Technology Business Management (TBM) software is a comprehensive solution that enables IT executives to run IT like a business. It provides best-of-breed applications as part of an integrated suite. The suite enables IT executives, finance and operations to get visibility into budgets and service costs, make better ROI based decisions, improve IT operational performance and better communicate the value of IT to the business.

Apptio combines source data from IT operational and financial systems with industry best practices and proven methodologies to rapidly construct a flexible, actionable set of budget, cost, and operational models and reports that become even more accurate over time.

Apptio’s Technology Business Management Applications

Apptio provides simple and automated solutions to the most common technology business management challenges faced by enterprise IT organizations today. Apptio makes it easy for IT leaders to automate critical cost management business processes and make better decisions in support of maximizing the ROI of IT. Each solution contains the standard reports, workflows, decision support analysis and process automation to streamline TBM processes. Apptio offers five on-demand applications as part of its TBM platform:

  • Apptio IT Service Costing: Get deep visibility into the total cost of IT services, understand key cost drivers, identify areas for cost reduction and quantify the financial impact of IT service investment options.
  • Apptio Bill of IT: Define allocation methodologies for IT services back to Business Units, deliver an interactive Bill of IT and manage the demand for IT services.
  • Apptio IT Planning: Streamline the budgeting and planning process to reduce forecasting cycle times, improve collaboration and track budgets to IT service spend.
  • Apptio IT Service Performance: Measure and track key metrics that map to the value and usage of IT services. Calculate and report on service levels and track service consumption and utilization metrics.
  • Apptio IT Benchmarking: Compare baseline IT costs with industry cost and performance metrics representing over 3,000 companies across more than 20 industries.

Apptio’s Enterprise SaaS Platform

The foundation for Apptio’s Technology Business Management applications is a robust, enterprise SaaS platform that offers a broad set of core functionality in a secure and scalable manner.

  • Data Integration and Management: Top-down and bottom-up data integration and management including data inference technology that correlates data and identifies relationships across various financial and operational systems.
  • IT Modeling and Activity Based Costing: Visual modeling and transparency templates for describing the cost, utilization and operational aspects of services. Robust Activity Based Costing for GL to service and service to BU allocations.
  • Collaborative Reporting and Analytics: Interactive reports and dashboards enable drill down from IT services to granular drivers. “What If” analysis supports scenario planning across cost, utilization and operational metrics and integrated action tracking enables IT and Finance to rapidly resolve IT financial management issues.
  • Role Based Access and Audit Log with Rollback: Granular role-based access and comprehensive journaling of all actions are maintained in a central audit log that includes built-in roll back capability.

Apptio Professional Services

To accelerate the deployment and configuration of Apptio’s TBM solutions, Apptio offers a range of Professional Services to help our customers gain immediate visibility into the cost and performance of their IT services.

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