Armor: Cloud Computing With Advanced Intelligence, Defense and Control Focused On Customer Outcomes

Armor was previously known as FireHost. Armor is an industry-leading active cyber defense company. They have a reputation for high quality hosting that enables enterprises to mitigate risk while using the cloud, so we track them on our lists of both Disruptive Cloud Computing Companies and Disruptive Security Companies. It clearly deserves a place on both lists. 

For some insights into Armor and direct introductions to some of the key Armor leadership see the video at this link and embedded below:


The video features both Armor CEO Chris Drake and Chief of Operations and Security Jeffery Schilling.

Armor Complete is a fully integrated secure managed cloud, which delivers security, support and high-performance infrastructure via a single solution. Easily exceeding the strictest compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA and HITRUST, Armor Complete continues its reputation as the world’s most secure managed cloud.

Armor delivers customers true security outcomes. Not just tools. Armor reduces the risk and complexity associated with managing cyberthreats. And it’s through this approach that Armor’s new promise was born: between you and the threat.

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