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  • CTO Guide To The Business of Bigdata

    The CTOvision guide to the business of Big Data is designed to help enterprise technologists track this megatrend in actionable ways. For years now people and our sensors and our computers have been generating more information than we can analyze. Breakthrough methodologies and new scalable data approaches based around Hadoop hold great promise to helping […] More

  • Accrete AI Accelerates Growth and Product Adoption with Government Contract

    We wanted to bring the following press release to your attention, highlighting one of the big reasons we have begun tracking Accrete AI in our Directory of Disruptive IT as an Artificial Intelligence company. Accrete.AI Accelerates Growth and Product Adoption with Government Contract United States, New York, New York – 04/23/2020 In its first contract […] More

  • FedScoop Reports Palantir’s support of the Army’s massive data problem

    The federal government’s leading tech media brand FedScoop has just published an insightful look inside Palantir’s support to some of the Army’s most critical mission needs. The report  dives into a recent contract award that aims to bring together a wide range of disparate data from unique and often totally disjointed systems to provide decision-makers […] More

  • IDC: For 1 in 4 companies, half of all AI projects fail

    Despite enterprises’ best efforts, painless AI deployments appear destined to remain elusive for all but the most dogged adopters. A recent study conducted by analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC) found that of the organizations already using AI, only 25% have developed an “enterprise-wide” AI strategy, and it found that among those in the process […] More

  • The fourth Industrial revolution emerges from AI and the Internet of Things

    Big data, analytics, and machine learning are starting to feel like anonymous business words, but they’re not just overused abstract concepts—those buzzwords represent huge changes in much of the technology we deal with in our daily lives. Some of those changes have been for the better, making our interaction with machines and information more natural […] More

  • A16z Provides Insights Into Digitization

    The video below provides insights that can be of use to any enterprise embarked on digital transformation (which these days is most every enterprise). In the video, Jad Naous and Frank Chen of a16z discuss ways enterprises are changing their decision making because of digital transformation (including, for example, pushing decisions further down the organization […] More

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