Authernative: The Authentication Alternative

At this point we believe Authernative bears watching, but this is a highly active sector of the security world and we plan on revisiting this firm to see how they are doing.

Authernative, Inc. is a software company developing, marketing and selling enterprise and consumer level security solutions.

Authernative’s granted and pending U.S. and International patents in the area of private and secure financial transactions, authentication algorithms, protocols, and encryption schemes are the foundation for the company technology and commercial product offerings. Authernative is providing integrated security solutions for identity management, strong authentication to access network resources, and efficient authorization,administration and auditing control.

Authernative approaches security as a complex system having scientific, technological, engineering, marketing, and social components. The company believes that only a harmonized mixture of these components implemented in security products and backed with excellent services can bring long-lasting success and customer satisfaction.

There are several key market trends impacting the security industry. The first is a growing list of mandatory government and state requirements toward overall corporate and government security against cyber terrorism and fraud. Another important driver is the vigorous spread of electronic networks, in particular the Internet, with its ever increasing number of users and devices, resulting from electronic business proliferation and social penetration. While yet another factor is the adoption of new technologies especially web services, wireless networks, and identity management. Throughout all these advances, it is common knowledge that user authentication and authorization are the prime aspects in addressing security concerns when protecting Web resources.

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