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Bryan Halfpap is research analyst at Crucial Point LLC, a software programmer, technology analyst and writer and a driving force behind the security reporting at CTOvision.com He is a frequent speaker at events and conferences including Defcon. You can find him on twitter: @crypt0s

Choosing Your First Programming Language

Many new programmers struggle when it comes to selecting their first language to learn.  Which is easiest, the most professionally useful, the most newbie-friendly?  Lets find out by showing you a range of options, their strengths and weaknesses, and some information about the most common programming languages in demand today.  At the end, we’ll make […]

5 Webapps to Add to Your Security Tool Arsenal

When you’re mobile, away from the office, or just caught off-guard without your tools and security setup, you need a way to analyze, assess, and interpret emerging threats on-the-fly.  That’s why these 5 free web applications are absolute must-haves for your Favorites Folder.   Site: http://urlquery.net/index.php Purpose: Visits URLs so you don’t have to. About: […]

The Problem With PEAP

In previous posts (The Wireless Attack Toolkit and What’s Trending For Hackers) I highlighted some common wireless security attacks. If you believe your corporate network has some additional security on top of it, well, this post is aimed directly at you. Modern wireless security protocols have evolved a great deal since their inception with WEP […]

The Wireless Attack Toolkit

Wireless security is all about implementation.  The vendors implementation of the stack, the implementation of the security protocol standards in your OS that you have deployed to your users, the ways that the radios work, and the settings you’ve chosen for your network.  Unfortunately, wireless security is generally weak (unless we’re talking about a properly-deployed […]

What’s Trending For Hackers?

While at Defcon (the largest computer security conference in the United States) I overheard it described as a sort of “Hacker New-Years holiday”.  If that’s true, then maybe it’s time to go over one of the trends I’ve seen popping up for a while that has gained a lot of momentum this past year: Wireless […]

CTO Security Weekly

This week Ustream gets an injection of political reality, Apple fixes a critical encryption blunder affecting some of its users, FBI documents are leaked detailing their worries over Bitcoin digital currency, and Anonymous takes down more Governmental websites as part of its ongoing operations.   UStream Targeted by Advanced Distributed Denial of Service: UStream was […]