About Dean Wiech

Dean Wiech is managing director at Tools4ever. Tools4ever supplies a variety of software products and integrated consultancy services involving identity management, such as user provisioning, role-based access control, password management, single sign-on and access management.

Make Your IT Department More than a M.A.S.H Unit

There’s no holding back the obvious truths in the land of IT. Helpdesks are inundated and overwhelmed; we are overworked and our teams are scrambling for some lucidity. The problem is simple, most of us know — mundane, repeated and wearisome tasks that can, or probably should, be automated. Much stress and time could be […]

Access Governance: Managing the who and what of data access rights in a timely fashion

Over the past decade, many organizations have, or at least attempted to, implement access governance (AG) applications within their organizations. During a recent presentation to a group of 70 IT managers, one individual mentioned he actually had attempted three separate times to get a system operational. Troubling as this may sound, it’s not always uncommon, […]

RBAC’s Not Against the Wall: Role-based access control creates automation opportunities

Identity and access management is taking over the world. Legislative and regulatory norms dictate this. An ever-increasing number of organizations must manage and assign access privileges across their populations in a structured manner. “Role-based access control” or “RBAC” has gradually become a frequently used term. RBAC solutions address these challenges. The reasoning is simple. Organizations […]

Automating Access Solves Many of Life’s Business Problems

The truth is, you may believe that your organization’s systems are secure, that you have given your employees all the tools to be efficient, and that their user accounts are being provisioned effectively so they can get to work and remain working from the moment they become part of your organization’s network. As an IT […]

Self-service Reset Password Management Solutions Mean Helpdesks Save Time

Helpdesks are overwhelmed, it’s no secret, often by mundane and repetitive tasks that can, or should, be automated. By taking steps, that are usually simple and financially efficient, much time can be saved for employees and organizations managing this process. By automating processes that have remained manual and out of date, technology leaders within their […]

Wild Ways People Remember Their Passwords, and Why Breaches Are Likely Because of Them

Everyone has done it, used some kind of wild way to remember user names and passwords. Let’s face it, the rules for managing passwords is overwhelming. People are required to remember numerous sets of credentials for all of the systems and applications they need to access their job and personal life, but it’s often too […]