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Ellie Martin is Co-Founder of Startup Change Group. Her works have been featured on Yahoo! , Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Computer Weekly, AOL, among others. She currently splits her time between her travels and home office in New York.

5 Examples of the Best Workplace Tech Available in 2018

Over the past decade, the concept of work has transformed. From coworking spaces to remote work retreats, productivity in the workplace is no longer dependent on sitting in an office for eight hours a day, seven days a week. One of the biggest outcomes from this shift has been the rapid development of technology that […]

Automation Apps that Will Launch Your Startup

Starting a business can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you ever do in your entire life. However, there are a number of stressors that can hamper the experience and bog you down with mundanity. Luckily, through the use of automation, these tasks are simplified and executed without you ever having to […]

5 Online Resources for Learning AngularJS

If you’re a confident front-end web developer, fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you may wish to expand what your web apps can do without writing custom code yourself. Learning AngularJS can help speed up the development of web apps dramatically, but before diving into Angular development, you’ll need a bit of background knowledge of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a WordPress Blog

How do I start a wordpress blog?We answer that question here. Many are looking for the right way to start a blog. It can be a terrifying thought especially for those who have little to no technical knowledge. But, do not despair! Here is the most comprehensive guide on how to start a WordPress blog. […]

3 Things CTOs Should Know About Gig Economy This Year

A freelance graphic designer who moonlights as an Uber driver. A journalist who publishes several different articles, in wildly different topics, for several different magazines a month. A part-time high school teacher who tutors math and science for money on the weekends. These are the workers of the gig economy—and, in the rising gig economy, […]

How Far has Face-Tracking Technology Come in 2016?

The latest Snapchat lens that gives you fox ears may be nothing more than a passing distraction to send to your friends, but that lens, colloquially known as a “filter,” utilizes surprisingly advanced face tracking technology. Looksery, the Ukrainian startup that developed Snapchat’s filter technology (which Snapchat acquired for $150 million), created software that can […]