About Emil Eifrem

The author is co-founder and CEO of Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database.

Why Now Is the Ideal Time for the CIO to Work with Graphs

Commercial corporations in the Internet Age face endlessly growing data asset management – but traditional business technology isn’t the way to help, argues Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem Digital consumers are generating data at an exponential rate, via social networking, emails, blogs and smartphones. One telling metric: trend spotter Mary Meeker has found that we now […]

Can Graph Databases Really Advance Our Digital Public Services?

Graph databases most commonly associated with social networks and recently adopted by enterprises are now being looked into by government agencies and the civil services to manage big data. Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem explains how graph databases have the potential to enhance digital public services Government agencies are sitting on a wealth of information that […]

Graph Technology: The Answer to Combating Fraud

Editor’s note: Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem argues that the increasingly sophisticated techniques used by organized criminals makes them a highly suitable target for graph database supported countermeasures in the fight against fraud. Find them at Neo4J.com -bg   Tahir Lodhi headed up one of the largest credit card fraud schemes ever charged by the US […]