About Kord Davis

Kord Davis is a former Principal Consultant with Cap Gemini and has spent nearly 20 years providing business strategy, analysis, and technical consulting to over 100 organizations of all sizes including: Autotask, Microsoft, Intel, Sisters of Mercy Healthcare, Nike, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Northwest Energy Alliance (NEEA), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Western Digital, Fluke, Merix, Roadway Express, and Gardenburger. Integrating a professional background in telecommunications and an academic background in philosophy, he brings passionate curiosity, the rigor of analysis, and a love of how technology can help us do the things we really want to do better, faster, and easier. A formally trained workgroup facilitator, he holds a BA in Philosophy from Reed College and professional certifications in communication, systems modeling, and enterprise transformation.

Open Humans Network

Open Humans Network is launching soon. Led by Jason Bobe and Madeleine Ball of PersonalGenomes.org, OHN attempts to break down health data silos through an online portal that will connect participants willing to share data about themselves publicly with researchers who are interested in using that public data and contributing their analyses and insight to […]

Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

“Simply hiring expensive data scientists isn’t enough. To create real business value with data scientists, top management must learn how to manage them effectively.” In September 2014, Jeanne G. Harris (coauthor of Analytics at Work, Harvard Business Press, 2010) and Vijay Mehrotra (Professor of Business Analytics and Information Systems at the University of San Francisco) […]

The Emerging Science of Human-Data Interaction (HDI)

MIT Technology Review recently published a paper on an emerging discipline called “Human-Data Interaction (HDI). A nascent field of study, this paper can provide individuals and organizations a solid introductory framework to motivate discussion and action around the relationship between people and data. Summarizing the full paper, MIT comments: “The rapidly evolving ecosystems associated with […]

Announcing People + Data Digest !

Our world is awash in data and information about it. And the impact to our individual lives is increasing every day. Data breaches impact our financial security, personal privacy, and reputations, innovations in data services are being developed continuously, and our laws, culture, and social interactions are being drastically impacted as a result. People + […]

Ethics and Values in Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing and data center infrastructure providers are realizing more and more what Dion Hinchcliffe pointed out to me months ago during an interview for Ethics of Big Data. Namely that the physical manifestation and configuration of their architecture can be viewed as a direct, real-world expression of their organizational values. What does this mean […]

Identity and Reputation in the Age of Big Data

Editor’s note: The following was written by Kord Davis from a post originally at KordIndex. Kord is the author of a forthcoming book on Ethics of Big Data.  – bg The Hypothes.is Reputation Workshop is exploring some great topics on how identity and reputation are being influenced by big data. Identity and reputation are two of […]