About Marty Meehan

Marty Meehan is a senior director at Cognitio Corp . He writes at CTOvision.com and the cyber focused Threat Brief Marty's background is in the national security technology sector.

Kinetica: GPU-accelerated analytics database

With this post we are initializing our coverage of Kinetica. Kinetica offers a GPU-accelerated, in-memory analytics database that delivers truly real-time response to queries on large, complex and streaming data sets: 100x faster performance at 1/10 of the hardware of traditional databases. Kinetica was initially developed for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command to […]

Solarflare’s Open Compute Platform, Software-Defined, NIC Card

Solarflare, a global leader in networking solutions for modern data centers, is releasing an Open Compute Platform (OCP) software-defined, networking interface card, offering the industry’s most scalable, lowest latency networking solution to meet the dynamic needs of the enterprise environment. The SFN8722 OCP offers 10GbE performance, which is critical for today’s data centers where ultra […]

Cybersecurity Executive Order Provides Agency Leadership with Opportunities and Challenges

President Trump’s “Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening US Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure” is significant as it discusses improvements to the Nation’s digital infrastructure, protection of the power grid, replacement of antiquated IT systems, protection against cyber threats. It also makes government leadership accountable for cyber deterrence. Agency heads can no longer delegate responsibility for cybersecurity […]

Defense in Depth: Protecting the Organization’s Data

Editor’s note: in this post, Cognitio’s Marty Meehan provides context on an economical, scalable and highly secure defense in depth solution leveraging PKWARE’s Smartcrypt and QuintessenceLabs. – bg The stakes get higher every day. External security threats grow more sophisticated and unpredictable. Internal controls become more complicated and challenging to implement. When data breaches do […]

Improving Distributed Analytics and Private Cloud Through Enhanced Networking

Every agency buys computational capacity to enable its mission objectives. Servers provide these agencies with the computational horsepower needed to tackle todays complicated national security and intelligence problem sets. Unfortunately, the commoditization of the server market has led to decision makers focusing solely on components (such as CPU’s, memory, and disks) when developing the specifications […]

Solarflare’s Application Nanosecond TCP Send

Certain classes of network application fall into the category of high-performance request-response applications. These applications require either very low latency (<< 1μs) between receipt of request and transmission of response, the ability to handle a very large number of such transactions (>>100ktps), or both. FPGAs can accelerate such applications by speeding up the algorithmic processing […]