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  • Education & Technology – The Year of the MOOC

    What is a MOOC anyway? MOOCs are massive open online courses. As opposed to traditional courses that have tuition and limited enrollment, MOOCs are free and open to the masses. How are MOOC’s structured? The large numbers associated with MOOCs mean that instructors can not possibly respond to students on an individual basis. Classmates therefore […] More

  • Wealthfront’s Startup Compensation Tool

    If you’re looking for a job at tech startup and are interested in finding solid salary data, you are now in luck.  Wealthfront has created a new tool to graph the salary and equity ranges for employees at tech startups based on job type, seniority, size of company, and job location. We have used this […] More

  • Why Every Person Should Want Electronic Health Records

    Although healthcare providers are making progress in adopting health IT, Americans surprisingly seem less than enthusiastic about the change. According to a study of 2,147 adults conducted by Harris Interactive in May 2012, only 26% of Americans want their medical records to be digital. The financial benefits of electronic health records (EHRs) should be reason […] More

  • Can Apps Help Reform the Healthcare System?

    It is widely accepted that Internet-enabled health applications have the potential to provide better information to consumers but can they play a role in changing the health system at large? Recent reporting by the Health Care Blog and Health Data Management provide some insights here. Many people believe in the power of apps to transform […] More

  • Healthcare Technology and the Growing Importance of Social Collaboration

    The Health Care Blog recently provided context on a recent study by IBM which shows the majority of healthcare CEOs see technology as a way to transform their organizations by improving communication and collaboration between patients, doctors, and healthcare providers. Social collaboration has a place in multiple areas of healthcare. Many predict the growth of […] More

  • Is the Healthcare Industry on Life Support Without the Cloud?

    This content requires a login to read. If you are a CTOvision Pro member, please make sure you are logged in. If you are not yet a member, please try our free trial! Here is more info: CTOvision Pro is our subscription only research and analysis service. This service leverages our proven ability to spot, […] More