About Roger Hockenberry

Former Innovation Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency and Chief Technology Officer of the National Clandestine Service. Founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Cognitio, a management consulting and engineering firm focused on cyber security, big data, cloud, and innovation consulting supporting both government and commercial customers.

Steps for Fortifying Your Organization’s Data in the Cyber War

The most recent ransomware attacks should make every executive in every company take notice, and be worried. Last week, I spoke at a cyber event and came with a message: the continued focus on legacy endpoint and network security is almost worthless. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, our reliance on legacy ‘castle and moat’ theory to […]

Curating a Digital Life

Many times when I speak at conferences I talk about how each of us is now two people. There is first, the analog version of our self and now, with increasing emphasis and importance, our digital self that is leading more and more of an independent life without us. The Analog Self Every one of […]

The Art of the Possible: Meeting Innovation Demands in the Public Sector

Government agencies face increasing pressure to be “innovative,” but as is the case with most big ideas, defining exactly what that means is difficult, at best. Most don’t consider that innovation doesn’t necessarily mean creating something new, but can simply mean doing something you already do, differently. For most enterprises, innovation is really about increasing […]

The State of Digital Currency: A discussion with Ed Scheidt

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for a regular breakfast with Ed Scheidt, former head of CIA’s Cryptographic Center and the designer of the cyrpto systems used in the Kryptos Sculpture at the Agency. He and I get together and typically it’s a free-ranging discussion that covers a lot of […]