Bitglass: Next-Gen CASB

Wow we just started tracking CASB about 5 years ago. Now the market has evolved to the point where next-gen CASB are required. Could this be marketing speak? Maybe, but on the other hand, we are hearing good things about Bitglass and definitely consider them one worth tracking. We see them as far more than a CASB, they provide mobile data management, data loss prevention, and many other capabilities required to help organizations make the most of the cloud and mobile world we are all building.

Strengths include a focus on document management and discovery with tools like watermarking and encryption methods that support search and sort. They also have a very good single sign on (SSO) capability. Some MDM is provided. DLP policies are supported and DRM can be enforced. All this means that for midsized firms, Bitglass may be able to replace the need for many tools.

We are tracking Bitglass in our Security and CASB categories, where you can find competing products for consideration.

Here is a quick explainer video from Bitglass:

For more see:

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