BlueCat Networks: The IPAM Experts

BlueCat builds next-generation IPAM, DNS & DHCP solutions that connect mobile devices, applications & clouds.

From BlueCat Networks:

Today it seems almost everything comes with an IP address. The explosive growth of networks, IP usage and smart devices has created a major management issue – one that puts organizations at risk. In an IP-dependent world, when core services like DNS or DHCP stop, business grinds to a halt. Organizations need flexible, resilient and easy-to-use solutions for IP Address Management and core IP services including DNS and DHCP.

At BlueCat Networks, we "live and breathe" IPAM. Our solutions give you the power to command and control your entire IP Space and Name Space from a single Web interface that is simple and secure. And our technology is backed by unsurpassed IPAM expertise and unbeatable services and support. Our people are IPAM gurus who will go the extra mile to ensure that your implementation meets or exceeds your expectations.

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